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  • Yana Textile

    Yana leads the world with better products and services

    Zhejiang Yana Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. It is a professional manufacturer of knitting special yarns and differentiated color yarns.

    With a series of imported and domestically produced CNC production equipment, it is a national high-tech enterprise; a high-growth high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province; it was awarded as a composite yarn processing technology research base by the China Textile Engineering Society.

    Company Profile

    At present, it has 3 invention patents for production technology and 15 utility model patents. After long-term development and technology accumulation, we have developed exclusive products that are more suitable for the world's top fashion brands. This unique cooperation model supports our partners to create more value.

    Yana Textile started in Haining, based on China and focusing on the world. Each production link of the company uses advanced equipment in the industry, which enables the company to meet the needs of customers in the industry.

    Competitiveness in the field of high-end knitted yarns, design full of youthful vitality and environmental protection concepts, and adherence to high-quality development, make the special yarn series of the Yana brand enduring in the knitting fashion industry.










    Founded in 1996

    1996 Zhejiang Athena Spandex Covered Yarn Factory (the predecessor of Yana Textile) was founded

    Yana brand was officially born

    Developed 2001

    Yana cooperates with major trading companies and exports its products to major European and American markets

    Development 2003

    Relocation of the factory, officially changed its name to Zhejiang Yana Textile Co., Ltd.

    Development 2008

    Carry out supply chain management and provide customers with integrated services of R&D, production, dyeing and finishing


    Company Environment


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